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amoxicillin bei ohrenschmerzen

amoxicillin bei ohrenschmerzen

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amoxicillin bei ohrenschmerzen
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amoxicillin bei ohrenschmerzen
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Amoxil is a broad-spectrum antibiotic from aminopenicillin group. Its mechanism of action is anti-bacterial and consists in inhibition of construction of bacteria cell walls sensitive to Amoxicillin. Cell walls serve to protect bacteria from environment and action of Amoxicillin prevents their propagation. Amoxicillin can be effective against H. influenzae, N. gonorrhoea, E. coli, Pneumococci, Streptococci, and certain strains of Staphylococci. Microorganisms producing penicillase are resistible to Amoxicillin. The medication is not active toward mycobacteria, mycoplasmas, genus Rickettsia, fungi, amoeba, plasmodium, viruses and also Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Proteus spp. (excluding P. mirabilis).
Take exactly as prescribed by your doctor. Tell your doctor before to take this medication if you are allergic to cephalosporins (Ceclor, Ceftin, Duricef, Keflex), have had asthma, serious liver or kidney impairement, a bleeding or blood clotting disorders, mononucleosis or any type of allergic reaction in history. You may take Amoxillin with or without food. The chewable tablet should be chewed before you swallow it. Swallow Amoxillin capsules whole with a glass of water.
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