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Inline CRUD is for performing Create, Read, Update and Delete operations within a grid view. In a previous post, we have seen an example of jQuery inline w88yes.ga CRUD will enrich the page by adding a new row and changing the existing data dynamically via jQuery AJAX. Build CRUD Application with jQuery EasyUI. Tutorial» Build CRUD Application with jQuery EasyUI It has become a common necessily for web application to collect data and manage it properly. CRUD allows us to generate pages to list and edit database records. This tutorial will show you how to implement a CRUD DataGrid using jQuery EasyUI framework. May 29,  · This post shows you how to do a raw JavaScript CRUD Example with the help of JavaScript arrays and a little bit of jQuery.

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Jquery crud application example D. Jquery crud application example Technologies is a premier provider of expert technology consulting and software development services, helping leading firms convert requirements into top-quality results. Paul is also jquery crud application example Pluralsight author. The GET verb retrieves a list of data, or a single item of data. POST sends new data to the server. The PUT verb updates an existing row of data.

These verbs are used to map to a method you write in your Web API controller class. NET Web Application project. Open up Default. Immediately below the row you just added, create another row, and within that row, build the skeleton of an HTML table, jquery crud application example. In Figure 1you can see an "Add Product" button immediately below the table. This button is used to clear the input fields of any previous data so that the user can add new product data.

After entering data into the input fields, the user clicks on the "Add" button to send the data to the Web API. Build this "Add Product" button by adding another Bootstrap row and column below the previous row. In the onClick event for this button, call a function named addClick.

To create the product input area you see in Figure 1the individual fields are placed inside a Bootstrap panel class. The panel classes are ideal to make jquery crud application example input area stand out on the screen separate from all other buttons and tables. If you run the Default. Search for the "Microsoft ASP. To create an endpoint for your Web API, create a controller class.

Set the name jquery crud application example your new controller to ProductController, jquery crud application example. Next, you need to specify the routing for your Web API. Add a new class and name it WebApiConfig. Add a Using statement at the top of this file to bring in the namespace System. Add a Register method in your WebApiConfig class. Clear the Routes collection in case there are any default routes created by.

However, feel free to change this to whatever you want. This is just a matter of preference. This keeps them separate from the route of your Web pages, jquery crud application example, which is typically "views. The last thing you need to do before you can start calling your Web API is to register this route so that your Web application running on your Web server will recognize any call made to your API. This adds a Global. At the top of the global application class, add the following using statement.

NET creates an instance of an HttpConfiguration class and attaches it as a static property of the GlobalConfiguration class. Create a class called Product in your project and add the following properties. Instead of worrying about any database stuff, you can just create some mock data to learn how to work with the Web API, jquery crud application example. Open the ProductController class and add a private method to create mock data, jquery crud application example, as shown in Listing 1.

The problem with these methods is that each one returns a different type of value or no value at all. This means that if you want to return HTTP status codes like a,etc. If you want to return error messages back to the client, you have to change the return value on each of these.

This interface is built into the ApiController class from which your ProductContoller class inherits and defines Helper methods to return the most common HTTP status codes such as a, etc. These methods return, jquery crud application example, and respectively. The Ok and Created methods allow you to pass data back so you can include things like collections of products or a new product object. Locate the GET method that has no parameters in the ProductController class, and modify the code to look like the following.

Declare a variable named retof the type IHttpActionResult. Declare a variable named listto hold a collection of product objects. Build the list of data by calling the CreateMockData method that you defined earlier. Set the ret variable to the Ok method built into the ApiController class, passing in the list of product objects. Open the Default. You know that you have to create at least two functions right away because they were the ones you called from the buttons you defined in the HTML.

Add these two function stubs now. In this Ajax call, there are two additional functions that you need to write. The productListSuccess function processes the collection of products returned when jquery crud application example successfully retrieve the data. The handleException function takes jquery crud application example error information and does something with it.

The productAddRow function called from within the iterator is responsible for building a new row to add to the HTML table. The last function to add is handleException. If an error occurs, display the error message information in an alert dialog. You can figure out how you want to display error messages later, but for now, you only want to see the error details.

The GET method you wrote earlier assumes that you successfully retrieved a collection of data from your data store. However, when you retrieve data from a database table, you may have an empty table.

In this case, you need to respond back to the front-end client that no data was found. In this case, the list variable would be an empty list. If no data is returned, you should send back a status using the NotFound method. Jquery crud application example the GET method to look like the following.

When you wish to edit a product, jquery crud application example, you call the Web API to retrieve a single product object to ensure that you have the latest data from the database, and then display that data in input fields to the user. The user then modifies that jquery crud application example and posts it back.

Open the ProductController and locate the second Get method, the one that accepts a single parameter named id. Modify that function to look like Listing 3. If the product is found, return an Ok and pass the product object to the Ok method. If the product is not found, return a NotFound. The raw HTML of the button looks like the following, but of course you have to build this code dynamically so you can get the data- attribute assigned to the correct product id in each row.

Add an onClick to call a function named productGet. Pass in this to the productGet function so that you have a reference jquery crud application example the button itself. In this function, you retrieve the product ID from the data-id attribute you stored in the edit button. This value needs to be passed to the Get method in your controller and it needs to be kept around for when you submit the data back to update.

The best way to do this is to create a hidden field in your HTML body. This extra ID is what jquery crud application example this call to the Get id method in your controller. If the Get method succeeds in returning a product object, call a function named productAddToFields and pass in the product object. The productToFields function uses jQuery to set the value of each input field with the appropriate property of the product object retrieved from the API call.

In the ProductController class, jquery crud application example, to call the Post method. Change the parameter to the Post method to accept a Product object.

The [FromBody] attribute is only needed for simple data types, such as string and int. The Add method is a mock method to simulate adding a new product. This method calculates the next product ID for the new product and returns a Product object back to the Web page with the new ID set in the ProductId property.

Each of the names in this JavaScript object needs to be spelled exactly the same as the properties in the Product class you created in C, jquery crud application example. The user fills in the blank fields on the screen, then click the Add button to call the updateClick function.

Modify this function to create a new Product object and retrieve the values from each input field on the page and set the appropriate values in the Product object, jquery crud application example. There are a couple of changes to this Ajax call compared to the GET calls you made earlier. First, the type property is set to POST.

In the success part of the Ajax call, pass this object to a function called productAddSuccess. The formClear function uses jQuery to clear each input field.

You should also change the addClick function to clear the fields when the user clicks on the Add button. At some point, a user is going to want to change the information about a product. Earlier in this article, you added an Edit button to retrieve product data and display that data in the input fields.

Modify the Put method in your ProductController to look like the following. The call to the Update method from the Put method is a mock to simulate modifying data in a product table. To see the NotFound returned from this method, change the true value to a false value in the Update method shown below. Locate the updateClick function and add an else condition to call a function named productUpdate. This maps to the Put method you created in the controller.

If the update is successful, a function called productUpdateSuccess is called and passed the updated product object.


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Jun 20,  · In this Angular 8 application, we will be consuming spring boot CRUD rest API exposed at Spring Boot 2 JPA MySQL CRUD Example article. If you are looking for Angular 8 with spring boot 2 integration example then check out Spring Boot + Angular 8 CRUD Example Tutorial article. Introduction. In this article, I will tell you how to create a single page application using w88yes.ga MVC and jQuery. Without using Angular, React, and other third-party JavaScripts, it is difficult to achieve SPA. Crud operations in w88yes.ga mvc 4 using w88yes.ga with example. In w88yes.ga mvc we can implement crud operations (insert, update, delete and select) using w88yes.ga easily it will be very useful when we are doing frequent database transactions.